We have set out to help millions of patients defeat
difficult-to-treat tumors through a potentially curative technology that naturally activates and regulates T cells.

A clinical-stage immuno-oncology company, anchored in a deep understanding of T cell biology.

Triumvira is developing unique, targeted autologous and allogeneic T cell therapeutics that co-opt the natural biology of T cells to treat a broad range of patients with cancer.

Our company is backed by a strong intellectual property portfolio and a management team with deep experience in cell therapy, oncology drug development and manufacturing. By accessing the latest industry technologies, we are pursuing highly innovative autologous and allogeneic approaches for our TAC-based programs.

We are empowering the immune system of cancer patients to fight back.

Deyaa Adib, MD, Chief Medical Officer

TAC co-opts the natural biology of T cells to treat cancer.

Our proprietary T cell Antigen Coupler (TAC) technology is a robust and versatile platform that activates natural T cell functions differently from other cell therapies such as CAR-T and engineered T cell receptor (TCR) therapies.

As a unique technology platform, we believe the TAC’s mechanism of action (MoA) will allow for the treatment of patients suffering from solid or liquid tumors and many other serious diseases.

Building a broad and promising pipeline.

Our pipeline consists of multiple product candidates based on our TAC technology. TAC101-CLDN18.2, is our lead clinical candidate, designed to target claudin 18.2-positive solid tumors and ready for the enrollment of patients in a phase I/II clinical trial.

Built with genetically engineered TAC-T cells, TAC101-CLDN18.2 has demonstrated superior anti-cancer properties in multiple preclinical studies and more favorable safety profiles compared to both CAR-T cell and standard-of-care (SOC) therapies.

Evaluation & Manufacturing Partners

Top-tier pharmaceutical and cell therapy companies.

Our partners have independently validated our technology in preclinical models of cancer. Through comparative evaluations of TAC-T cells and CAR-T cells across multiple tumor models, we hope to seize out-licensing opportunities.

A leading global T cell manufacturer.

We are working with Lonza, a global expert in the manufacturing of T cells, to develop our autologous TAC-T cell products in their state-of-the-art, automated and self-contained Cocoon™ Manufacturing System. We believe it has the potential to become a point-of-care system for developing autologous cell therapy approaches.

Investment Partners

Strong financials.

Our R&D activities are supported by several strong and
dedicated healthcare investors.

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