A phase I/II trial investigating safety and efficacy of autologous TAC01-HER2 in relapsed or refractory solid tumors

April 18, 2023


• The T cell antigen coupler (TAC) is a novel, proprietary chimeric receptor that facilitates the re-direction of T cells to tumor cells and activates T cells by co-opting the endogenous T cell receptor complex, with the goal to elicit a safe and durable anti-tumor response. In preclinical models, TAC-engineered T cells effectively eradicate tumor cells in vitro and in vivo without toxicities typically associated with engineered T cell products. TAC01-HER2 is an autologous T-cell product comprising T cells expressing the HER2 TAC, which specifically recognize HER2+ cells.

• TACTIC-2 (NCT04727151) is an open-label, multicenter phase I/II study that aims to establish safety, maximum tolerated dose (MTD), recommended phase 2 dose (RP2D), pharmacokinetic profile, and efficacy of TAC01-HER2 in patients with HER2-positive solid tumors by immunohistochemistry that are 1+, 2+, or 3+ (i.e. breast, lung, pancreatic, colorectal, gastric, endometrial, ovarian, and others) whom have progressed on prior anti-cancer therapies.

• We present updated preliminary data from Cohorts 1-4 (19 participants) that highlights safety and efficacy data; the study further elucidates potential therapeutic impact to patients with HER2 overexpressed solid tumors.

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