Development of Claudin 18.2-TAC T Cells for the Treatment of Gastric Cancer

November 13, 2021

Christopher W. Helsen, Tania Benatar, Thanyashanthi Nitya-Nootan, Heather McGregor, Philbert Ip, Prabha Lal, Stacey Xu, Laura Shaver, Suzy Prosser, Sadhak Sengupta, Andreas G. Bader. Triumvira Immunologics, 9433 Bee Caves Rd Building 1, Suite 240, Austin, TX 78733, USA (Headquarters), 270 Longwood Road South, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 0A6, Canada (Research Division)

The T cell antigen coupler (TAC) is a novel, proprietary chimeric receptor that facilitates the re-direction of T cells to tumor cells and activates T cells by co-opting the endogenous T cell receptor complex with the goal to elicit a safe and durable anti-tumor response.